Filmmaker and Photographer

Filmmaker and Photographer



Les Recontres de la Photographie in Arles, France.


Amy Hart is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who lives in Northern California, and often works in her previous home of New York City  where she is the official photographer for Times Square New Year's Eve celebrations and Solstice Yoga. She often travels for film productions and photoshoots across the country and around the she is in Arles France. 

Photo credit: Linda Rutenberg



Amy Hart has a gift for capturing the moment that tells the whole story – whether its enormous crowds celebrating in Times Square; a single person gazing at a work of art; a performance or presentation; or someone alone in the wilderness. Recent projects include photography of international musicians and artists in the Bay and around the world.  Right: Regina Rhythm in Costa Rica. 

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Specializing in productions on global and public health issues – from clean water in Africa to healthy food for everyone – Hart’s films and campaigns effectively present the problems and highlight the solutions. Secret Ingredients,her most recent documentary, won the Impact Award at the Illuminate Film Festival and the Green Planet Award at the Rhode Island Film Festival, and is available worldwide. 

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