Secret Ingredients - Documentary Film


Could the food you're eating be the cause of your chronic disease? This powerful film shares compelling stories of people who regain their health and transform their lives after identifying the secret ingredients in their food, and making a bold commitment to avoid them. 

WINNER: RIFF Green Planet Award; Illuminate FF Impact Award; 

Documentary Impact Award.

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer, camera, editor.  

Water First- Documentary Film


This award-winning film shot Malawi, Africa, sheds light on the need for access to clean water to address any development issues in developing countries - particularly girls education and empowerment. Winner: UN Environmental Programme Award, World Water Forum Film Fest Award, Fulbright Cultural Exchange Award.  

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer, camera, editor.  

Documentary Short

RWJF Health & Society Scholars

A half-hour documentary on a post-doc scholar program focused on population health sciences, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Winner: Telly Award. 

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer, editor.  

9/11 health Center Campaign

World Trade Center - 9/11 Health Center

Funded by the City of New York, this multi-media (TV, radio,print) outreach campaign was designed to inform survivors of 9/11 that free healthcare was available. The dramatic campaign increased response rates by 91%. 

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer, creative director. 

Think FRESH!

Fresh fruits and vegetable are a central part of a healthy diet. This video highlights the contrast in access to fresh produce in a middle class neighborhood as compared to a low income urban neighborhood that is considered a 'food desert.' While this simple little video is a bit old - the story hasn't change, tragic as it is. 

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer. 

Teen Health Campaign

"You Matter" Campaign

A set of 30-second AIDS-prevention PSAs created in collaboration with an LGBT youth group at GMHC in NYC who came up with the theme and had creative input into the writing and production, and acted in them.

Amy Hart: Director, producer, co-writer.

LGBT Health Center Promotion

APICHA Health Center 

Highlights this ground-breaking health center serving the LGBTQ community of NYC. 

Amy Hart: Director, producer, writer, co-editor.

Film Production



Focusing on global and public health issues that affect populations of people, Amy Hart integrates personal stories with scientific information to convey pertinent information in an engaging way. Her films have been shown at more than 100 festivals around the world and have garnered several awards including a Fulbright Cultural Exchange Award, the UN Environmental Award, World Water Forum Jury Award, an Initiatives for Women Award, two Impact Awards and a Green Planet Award. Hart was an adjunct professor at NYU for five years where she taught Public Health Through Film and Fiction. 


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • National Academy of Medicine
  • City of New York 9/11 World Trade Center Health Center
  • New York Academy of Medicine
  • Opiod addiction prevention program
  • GMHC NYC Youth Center
  • SUNY Albany School of Public Health
  • Columbia University Women's Health Center
  • International Society of Urban health - Nairobi
  • UNICEF - Southern Sudan


Comprehensive services for client projects include: 

  • Production management
  • Concept and scripting
  • Casting and pre-production
  • Directing
  • Production crew
  • Post-production editing, graphics, etc.